Integration for Excel


Data Integration
from Excel to anything

Migrate data to Dynamics 365, GP, NAV, Netsuite, and more.

Perfect for people who love Excel beyond all other tools.

Free for all SmartConnect customers.

Create templates that handle it all.

For Marketers

Push a list of leads in Excel to CRM and generate data in multiple entities - leads, contacts/accounts, marketing lists, campaign activities - all in one step.

For Accountants

Click a button to push your journal entries into GP, NAV, or your favorite accounting solution.

For System Admins

Take data from Excel and generate that data in any destination, respect business logic, create the right relationships, and validate - all in one step.

Connect Excel with all your business apps

Excel Add-In Technical Highlights

Support for Microsoft Excel versions 2003-2016.

Using the Excel Add-in, Get data, Get columns, and push Excel data to any destination.

Read data from Excel as a source for your integration.

Run your Excel integration when you want – manually, automate using the SmartConnect scheduler, trigger real-time based on moving your Excel file into a folder, or via the SmartConnect web service.

Create, update, and delete when using Excel as your destination.

Ability to utilize Excel as part of a multi-data source integration.

Bring your integrations to market faster.

Configure your integrations and quickly make changes within your integration setup.

Handle complex transformations without a headache - access a full library of functions, translation tables, dates, 'that next number', alternate keys, SQL lookups, and scripting.

Manage and fix errors.

Enhance your Excel integrations through SmartConnect.

Push Integrations from within Excel

Execute an integration right from the Excel Menu bar. Simply enter your data into your defined format and hit “send to SmartConnect.”

Retrieve data from a data source right into Excel through the ‘Get Data’ function.

Pull data, easily update it, then push it back. (Great for updating time sheets, sales opportunities, and more) Ideal for when you need to interact with your data before running an integration.

The ‘Get Columns’ function – automatically build a data template for you in Excel – based on a prebuilt map.

How much does Excel integration cost?

The Excel Add-in and the Microsoft Excel Connector are included with the cost of SmartConnect. Simply purchase SmartConnect and integrate Excel with any available connections. Integration templates, test licenses, and access for unlimited users are also included. No hidden fees.

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