Flat File &

Connect to your data.

Flat File & XML

Integrate with standard formats - Excel, CSV, Pipe, Text, and XML.

Data exports are very common

If you don't have access to a web service, the SQL back end or security is locked for automatic access, file integration might be your best option.

Trigger from a data source.

trigger or Schedule

As soon as the file is dropped into the folder, trigger your integration to run or use the SmartConnect scheduler to run the integration on that file..

file time stamping

On success and failure, send to other folders and include your time stamp on the file.

Send to a file destination.

Easily define your XML output format.

Use the drag and drop mapping interface to specify what data you'd like to generate in your XML.

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How much does the flat file cost?

Flat file integration is included with the cost of SmartConnect. Simply purchase SmartConnect and integrate flat files with any available connections. Integration templates, test licenses, and access for unlimited users are also included. No hidden fees.