Increase productivity by
integrating with your SQL databases.

SQL data integration without knowing SSIS.

Select any table, any view, or any stored procedure to use a source.

Update SQL tables directly or pass data into stored procedures that include important business logic.

All without a developer.

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Handle your unique needs. Without complexity.

Trigger SQL integration when you want.

Real-time, scheduled, or manually.

Intuitive UI with Query Builder

Select what SQL data you'd like to use as your source.

Build Custom Apps

Use SmartConnect as the API engine when creating apps with a SQL backend.

Real-time Triggers

SmartConnect utilizes real-time SQL triggers, without the need for a developer.

Replicate Cloud Data

Pull cloud based data into a local SQL database for backup, reporting, or manipulation.

Excel Add-In

Don't underestimate the power of spreadsheets. Push changes directly to SQL.

Thousands of applications run on a SQL Server database. Connect SQL with your business apps.

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Microsoft SQL Technical Highlights

Integrate to and from Microsoft Dynamics 365 without a single line of code

Read any SQL table, view, or stored procedure.

Utilize SQL lookups to query SQL and return a value for your destination or as a step within your integration.

Full T-SQL support.

Compatibility with SQL versions 2005, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2014, and 2016.

Map data source fields to Microsoft SQL stored procedures and the stored procedures will be triggered via map processing.

How much does the SQL Connector Cost?

The SQL Connector is included with the cost of SmartConnect. Simply purchase SmartConnect and integrate SQL with any available connection. Integration templates, test licenses, and access for unlimited users are also included. No hidden fees.