After the purchase of a SmartConnect subscription, a user will need to be added from the account management page to login with for the first time. Login to the eOne site and navigate to the Renewals/Keys section under My Account.

Once in that section, the initial user can be created for the account. If logged in as a partner, the user can be created for any customer that owns a SmartConnect subscription.

Select a SmartConnect subscription product and choose the Add SC User option from the list.

On the Add SC User page, enter the email and details for the account. The password will be needed when logging into, so ensure that is recorded somewhere. If the email that is used in this form already exists in SmartConnect on another tenant/account, the user will still be added to this SmartConnect instance but the password will not be reset. It will use the password that is already configured for that email. If the password needs to be reset, it can be done on the main page by the owner of that email address.

Note that only the first user should be created from this account management page. Additional users should be added within the app by following the instructions here.