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Adding Users to SmartConnect.com

Users can be added and removed to any account on the smartconnect.com/account web page. That can be accessed by clicking the Login button at the top right of the main SmartConnect.com site.


The New User button will allow you to add another user to SmartConnect.com and set their permission level. The 3 user levels are Account Admin, App Admin, and End User.


  • An Account Admin has full permissions across both smartconnect.com and app.smartconnect.com. They can adjust the subscription level of the account, perform any action within the application itself, and can add or edit other users and promote them to Account Admins as well. There must always be at least one Account Admin for an account.


  • An App Admin has full permissions in app.smartconnect.com. They cannot see the invoice details or any other billing-related data within SmartConnect.com but have full permissions inside app.smartconnect.com. They can add other users and promote them up to the App Admin level.
  • An End User has no rights within the account management pages, they can access app.smartconnect.com to run existing integrations and process errors but cannot create any new connections.


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