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Creating an Excel Source

  • From the left side options column navigate to Date Sources > Bulk Sources > File.


  • On the File Data Sources window click on the +Create Bulk File button.

  • On the New File Data Source window click on the Microsoft Excel icon.

  • The Microsoft Excel Data Source window contains the following fields:
    • Description – allows the user to enter a description of the spreadsheet being imported.
    • Select file at runtime – When this checkbox is marked, the uploaded file will be used as a template only and no data from it will be processed. The files chosen at runtime will need the same headers as the uploaded source file.
    • Source File – Click on the Select File … button to select the Excel file to be used as the data source.
    • Excel Sheet – After the Source File is selected, the Excel Sheet field will become active. Use this field to select the worksheet in the Excel file to be used as the data source.

  • Once all the fields have been populated, the Save button becomes active.
  • Clicking on Save will save the data source and make the data source available to be selected when creating an Integration Process.
  • After the Excel source has been saved, the Preview button will become active.
  • Click on the Preview button will open a pop-up window that displays the first few records contained in the spreadsheet.

  • Closing the Data Preview window and Excel Data Source window returns the user to the File Data Sources window where existing data sources can be edited or deleted by clicking on the respective icons.

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