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Creating a SQL Server Change Data Source

  1. From the main Navigation Menu, select Data Sources>>Change Triggers>>Trigger.
  2. On the Change Triggers page, click the Create Change Trigger Button.
  3. On the New Change Trigger page, click MSSQL Table Change Data Source.
  4. Enter a Description for the MSSQL Table Change Data Source.
  5. Select a Connection to a MSSQL Connector.
  6. Click Validate.
  7. Select a Table to track changed records.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Click Edit Query to launch the query builder.
  10. By default, the chosen table from step 7 and the tracking table generated by SmartConnect will automatically be loaded with all columns selected. Any modification to the query can be done at this time. See query builder use here. Needs to link to article on query builder.
  11. Click Save Query.
  12. Click Validate.
  13. Click Save.

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