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Determining your Subscription Tier

SmartConnect.com is broken into 4 different subscription tiers that are available for purchase. It is important to decide which level fits your company best when looking to sign up for a plan.


The Basic, Standard, and Premium options are all based off the number of Connections that are used and will be the main subscriptions that are chosen from. Migration is a standalone subscription that allows unlimited connections, but integrations must be run manually and cannot be scheduled or setup to run real-time. As the name implies, it is intended for migration scenarios where multiple systems need to be connected to for a limited time.

When looking at the Connection count for your company – a Connection is defined as any system you want to integrate to or from. For example, if you want to connect a SQL Server, Salesforce, and Dynamics 365 Business Central – that will count as 3 Connections. It does not matter if you are sending data in one direction or bi-directionally between any one of those systems or how many integrations are created between them, it is 1 Connection per system.

Additionally, support can be purchased with any of the three ongoing subscriptions. If support is purchased, it has a minimum commitment length of 6 months. With the unlimited support option, your team gets access to the full eOne support team to help resolve issues that are encountered during the use of the application.

The subscription tier your company owns can be changed after purchase as well. If your integration needs have grown, it is possible to upgrade to a higher level at any time. The subscription can also be downgraded as long as the number of active Connections in the application do not exceed the limit for that subscription tier.

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