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Setting up Global Variables

  1. From the main Navigation Menu, select Maintenance>>Global Variables.

  2. To create a new Global Variable, click the Create Global Variable button.

  3. Enter a unique Name for the global variable.
  4. A default value can be set by populating the Value field. If nothing is entered for the Value, the global variable will be initialized as a blank string when an integration process that uses it starts.

  5. If the Secure option is checked, the value will be masked when entering it through the interface. If a user opens the global variable to edit it, it will display the masked value rather than the actual value.

  6. Click Save to complete the creation of the new global variable.
  7. To edit an existing global variable, click the Edit button on the correct variable row.
  8. To delete a user-created global variable, click the Delete button on the correct variable row. The predefined global variables cannot be deleted.

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