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The migration license provides 60-day access for you to migrate all your data from one system to another. It includes all of the available connections. Great uses of the migration license are customers moving from a legacy ERP system to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials or migrating from Dynamics CRM to Saleforce.com. If you need more time to complete your migration project you can extend the migration period or upgrade to a higher subscription level. To do this simply go to My Account, select Subscription, and in the Subscription Details, select your new subscription level.

Migrations should be relatively straightforward. You have access to our Knowledge Base 24/7 where you will find all of the good answers. You will also have access to our support desk at support@smartconnect.com who will be very happy to help with advice. But do not ask us to DO your integration project for you or that will get expensive.

A connection refers to any system that you want to integrate to or from. It may be a 365 Sales/CRM organization, a Dynamics NAV/GP on-premise solution, Salesforce instance or any of our available connectors. When you create that “connection” you are then able to use it in a data source or as a destination.

Generic data sources such as Excel, Text or XML files do not require a separate connection to be setup. These do not count towards your connection limit.

If you run two separate CRM instances for your organization then each one of these would be a connection.

Test environments and development environments will require their own connections and will count towards your limit. You can upgrade during implementation and then downgrade when these connections are no longer required.

With SmartConnect.com, you pay as you go. There are no long-term contracts; you can cancel anytime.

Absolutely. The more you dive into SmartConnect, the more you’ll realize how many areas you likely need an integration. Most of our customers benefit from the professional level.

Determine your project priorities and then speak with our team so we can help you determine the tier you need.

Generally, with the exception of flat files, you’ll need at least one connection for each system you’re integrating with. Your best bet is to contact our team so they can talk through your project and help you determine the number of connections you need. The last thing you want is to start building your integrations only to find out you are in the wrong tier.

No, our pricing is totally transparent and we keep it simple. We do offer a number of training and support options that you can add to your subscription.

We make canceling easy and you can cancel anytime. Simply login to your account and make the changes you need. We are confident that you will love SmartConnect.com so much that you will never leave us.

Simply navigate to “Login” to access your account and get started.

Absolutely not. Simply select your pricing tier according to the number of connections you need and whether or not you need to call the SmartConnect API.

eOne will provide a migration path for clients that want to move their existing integrations from SmartConnect on-premise to SmartConnect.com. If you make this transition you will cancel you AEP plan with eOne and sign up for the appropriate SmartConnect.com subscription level.

Depending on the tier you select, you will have the opportunity to add on support. If you’d like training or services help, you can add that on based on your budget and preference. If you have additional questions, please send us an email.

In this scenario, you are going to need to purchase a subscription that provides 3 connections. One connection for NAV, one connection for Salesforce, and one connection for Zendesk.

At the end of the 60-day migration, you’ll need to determine if you’d like to move to another tier for your ongoing integration needs or repurchase another migration subscription.

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