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Data Sources

SmartConnect.com gives you the ability to connect to your data in your applications, files, and databases.

Data from any source.

If you’re using a file as your source, simply select your file path and SmartConnect will pull in the columns and data from that source file. SmartConnect can work with many file types – XML, TXT, CSV, TabDilimited, PipeDelimited, Excel, and options are built into easily create your schema file if it’s not already defined. If you’re connecting a system with a database or directly to a database, you have an easy interface within the SmartConnect Query Builder to simply select the tables and fields, join tables, and restrict data that you need to pass into your map(s).

Real-time data source.

Real time data sources are for those companies that just cannot wait. If time is critical and when data is entered into one system, it just must appear in the your other software immediately, Real Time data sources is your answer.


Select your destination.

Specify where you'd like to generate new data. Choose from the connections you've configured to create data in your on-premise applications, cloud applications, or in a file.



Take control of your integration with triggers.


Trigger your integration to run real-time based on criteria you define.


Automate your integration to run on a schedule. You specify how often as well as the start and end time.


It's as simple as a click of a button to manually run your integration.

External Call

Call a SmartConnect integration process to run with the SmartConnect API and pass data in real time.

integration mapping 2


Mapping made simple.

SmartConnect’s intuitive mapping interface has transformed the integration process from a developer experience to an end-user friendly tool set.

Getting started with SmartConnect.com is as easy as logging in.

Getting started with SmartConnect.com is as easy as logging in.

Data Transformation

Select your destination.

Integration is complex by nature. Rarely are you presented with a perfect set of data. SmartConnect understands that during an integration there are many actions you may need to take before any integration begins. SmartConnect makes this process very simple by providing some easy-to-use tools.

map progress 1

Monitor Progress

Success is in the details.

SmartConnect allows you to view progress, see what’s been successful and fix what hasn’t. In the SmartConnect Process Errors interface, easily view errors for the transaction lines that failed during your integration(s) –perhaps that's just 5 lines out of 10,000. Also, see the details in your data for the transaction lines that failed, edit them inline, re-process those transaction lines, and save the changes to a file.

Fix Errors

Easily fix errors in both the SmartConnect Windows client and the webclient. The SmartConnect Error Processing allows you to easily see the individual documents that failed, edit them, save changes to a file, and re-process those documents (transaction lines).

process_errors_cropped (1)


Include other processing steps when they need to happen. For example, when something fails, send an email to notify your team.