Go ahead, take a look around

Product Tour

Dive into the core features and functions of SmartConnect.

Go ahead, take a look around

Product Tour

Dive into the core features and functions of SmartConnect.

Data Sources & Destinations

Integrate from anywhere, to anywhere.

Specify where you’d like to generate new data. Choose from the connections you’ve configured to create data in your on-premise applications, cloud applications, or in a file.

Connections to Dynamics 365, Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics 365 Business Central , Salesforce.com REST & SOAP web services, ODBC, SQL, Flat file, Excel, Folder data source, multi-data source and much more.

Triggers, Automations & Tasks

Customize your integration process.

Triggers & Automations

Multiple ways to trigger and automate integrations including manual, scheduled, event-based triggers, bulk, changes-only and real-time by calling the SmartConnect API.


Define other processing steps you need to run serve your full integration scenario. You may need to manipulate a file before the integration starts, chain processes together, or notify your team if something fails.

Easy to use, even if you're not technical.

Drag & Drop Mapping

SmartConnect’s intuitive mapping interface has transformed the integration process from a developer experience to an end-user friendly tool set. Specify what data you’d like to generate while viewing both technical and display names.


SmartConnect is designed so the business analyst, accountant, CRM Admin or functional consultant can build and monitor integrations. While we do provide options technical gurus and developers appreciate, or goal is to allow the non-developer easy configuration and integration management.

Data Transformation

Take action on your data before or after the integration.

Rarely are you presented with a perfect set of data. SmartConnect understands that during an integration there are many actions you may need to take before any integration begins. SmartConnect makes this process very simple by providing some easy-to-use tools.

A variety of transformation options are available including calculations, date functions, .Net transformation options, a library of functions, translation tables, entity lookups, SQL lookups, and next number options per dedicated connector.

  • .Net Transformation
  • Translation Tables
  • Entity Lookups
  • Calculations
  • Date Functions
  • Next Number Options

Developer & API Access

Add scripting and/or connect to custom applications.

Developer Options: Integration requirements can be very specific. SmartConnect allows use of scripting as a task and also to transform data — essentially allowing technical users to write their own functions. Developers can create templates for their team to use and can also take full advantage of the SmartConnect API. Use the SmartConnect API to run maps on demand from a website or from custom applications.

Monitor Progress

Know if your integration failed or succeeded & take action.

Track whether your integrations were successful or not. If an integration failed, there’s an interface to review the error(s), fix what’s needed, and reprocess. Track failed source data, log errors, and send email alerts.

SmartConnect allows you to view progress, see what’s been successful and fix what hasn’t. In the SmartConnect Process Errors interface, easily view errors for the transaction lines that failed during your integration(s) –perhaps that’s just 5 lines out of 10,000. Also, see the details in your data for the transaction lines that failed, edit them inline, re-process those transaction lines, and save the changes to a file.

Easily fix errors in both the SmartConnect Windows client and the web client. The SmartConnect Error Processing allows you to easily see the individual documents that failed, edit them, save changes to a file, and re-process those documents (transaction lines).

Excel Add-In

Run almost any integration from the push of a button within Excel.

Push Integrations from within Excel

Execute an integration right from the Excel Menu bar.
Simply enter your data into your defined format and hit “send to SmartConnect.”

Retrieve data from a data source right into Excel through the ‘Get Data’ function.

Pull data, easily update it, then push it back. (Great for updating time sheets, sales opportunities, and more).
Ideal for when you need to interact with your data before running an integration.

The ‘Get Columns’ function – automatically build a data template for you in Excel – based on a prebuilt map.


Connect in the cloud or on-premise.

We offer both.
The choice is yours. Run your integration where you want to. Deliver your integrations in the cloud with SmartConnect.com or on-premise with SmartConnect.

So, what’s the difference between SmartConnect and SmartConnect.com? Both products (SmartConnect and SmartConnect.com) are fully-featured integration solutions that allow you to handle integrations with your cloud and on-premise applications. The main difference is where the integration process runs.


Installed into and runs within a Windows environment.


Runs in Microsoft Azure, so getting started simply requires you to create an account, log in and start integrating. No environment, no servers and no dedicated IT required.

On-Premise vs Cloud

  Setup & Configuration
Product Download and Install Required
No install required. Login and start integrating.
  Technical Requirements
Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement
Dynamics 365 Business Central - SOAP Endpoint
Dynamics 365 Business Central - ODATA Endpoint
Dynamics NAV - SOAP Endpoint
Dynamics NAV - ODATA Endpoint
Dynamics GP
Dynamics CRM
Microsoft SQL
Text File
Folder Data Source - FTP
Multi-data source connector
Web Services - SOAP API's - create custom connections
Web Services - REST API's - create custom connections
Folder Data Source - local
  Source Types
  Transform Data

Get Started

Pick your integration plan and start your integrations.