GP Excel Template – Payables Transaction Integration

Integration Template

GP Excel Template – Payables Transaction Integration


SmartConnect 2018+


eOne Solutions

Integrate payables transactions directly into Dynamics GP using a pre-configured Excel template. Cut down on data entry errors by taking advantage of the built-in data connections to pull valid vendors, accounts, currencies, etc. from your Dynamics GP system. Choose which company you want to integrate your transactions into by using the provided drop down field on the Excel template – as you switch companies the template will automatically update the connections that pull the accounts and other values to match the company being imported into.

The Excel template can be used on a workstation without requiring Dynamics GP or the SmartConnect interface to be installed on that machine. The template makes use of the SmartConnect web service to send any integrations through to Dynamics GP, reducing the need for each user to have full access to your accounting system. Multiple users can use copies of the Excel template at the same time without issue as well.